October 4, 2009

El sueño del pibe

A draft of an idea that I sketched a couple of months ago. No time for painting so far...


  1. Ooh, it already looks nice. I can imagine it being really colorful. Can't wait until you finish it.

    (And yeah, I'll finish the Moleskine soon)

  2. Really like it Silvina!
    But tell me something, when you paint something, is there a feeling or a story that you want to convey ? I am not very knowledgeable about art, so even though I can appreciate your work visually, but I am almost never able understand the inner meaning of it. Which i feel is a great loss for me :(

  3. Hola Sil!
    que buena esta ilustracion! no esta terminada??? me encanta asi, con esos pocos toques de color.
    Me alegra que este publicando otra vez :)

  4. @ All: Thanks for your comments!!
    @ Borna: It's hard to tell how I find inspiration. Sometimes it's motivated by a conversation that I had with friends (pretty much this case). But most of the time it's just about doing something that I find attractive or fun to draw. How do you find ideas for your wonderful writing?


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